Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 4-6 Pinto Bean Days in #Mountainair via @MountainairWire

photo by Roy Kirby, 2000
…always a plus not having to blog from scratch when the Town of Mountainair, knowing I do this every year because, d'uh, I've been doing it since 2000, first by email, then web pages and finally blogging. Not only are the events "much the same" as last year. they are much the same as in 2000. So who decided on what authority that it's now a "Pinto Bean Fest," when as far as anyone can tell there there is no actual event organizer. Who wants to make book on the event being Jubilee again next year? Fortunately, by now everyone knows the drill from the year or decades before.
It looks like the festivities are on for this July Holiday - only it's no longer a Jubilee, but a Pinto Bean Fest. Below you can see the video from last year and this year will have much of the same events.
Schedule (no images) for July 4-6 Pinto Bean Days in Mountainair - The Mountainair Wire

Jubilees past, with images
Mountainair News & ViewsJubilee 2001 Report and Celebrating Summer

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Civic engagement, transparency & @KinderMorgan

…all in #Mountainair, hopefully including civil discourse, at the Town Council meeting starting now. I hope to post a follow up report and will be publicly cranky if the town does not come through with meeting notes as required under the the Open Meeting Act.

By way of reminder, you can find the agenda and resolution here and on the Mountainair Online Facebook page.

I recommended emailing Mayor, Clerk and council members (some of whom are either less than email accessible or just ignore email from the local public) and offered to post copies publicly. Needless to say, opinions are welcome from both sides, with civility of discourse being the main consideration. Please cite sources supporting claims. Letters by Dan Embree and Kathleen Davies follow:

Saturday, May 31, 2014

this weekend in #Mountainair, community on social media & local FB pages part 1 … plus  & other network musings along the way. First comes getting the reminder (already posted to multiple Facebook pages) out of the way before moving onto other (community media, gaps therein, local FB pages, etc)

The Manzano Mountain Art Council (MMAC) sponsored Kubatana Marimbe Southwest Concert is TODAY Saturday, May 31, 2:00 pm, outdoors at Mountain Arts on Broadway (MAoB):

The group of nine players performs a mixture of traditional and modern compositions on a variety of Marimbas, Mbiaras and hand drums.  From the language of Zimbabwe, Kubatan translates as, "come together for a common purpose".  This group has a common purpose of energizing and exhilarating music that may get you up dancing! Join us for an afternoon of lively, fun music!
Now I'm wondering though about the disconnect that left the flyer image off both email notice and Facebook page, not that the flyer contains different information. That's part of the general musings on information gathering/sharing and community social media practices.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Rethinking Cinco de Mayo from the @ZinnEdProject

A Collaboration between Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change

If We Knew Our History - Zinn Education Project Monthly Column

Rethinking Cinco de Mayo 

Author Sudie HofmannBy Sudie Hofmann, a professor in the Department of Human Relations and Multicultural Education at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota   

I recently came across a flier in an old backpack of my daughter's: Wanted: Committee Chairs for this Spring's Cinco de Mayo All School Celebration.

The flier was replete with cultural props including a sombrero, cactus tree, donkey, taco, maracas, and chili peppers. Seeing this againbrought back the moment when, years earlier, my daughter had handed theflier to me, and I'd thought, "Oh, no."
After making some inquiries, I was told the school wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo because it was Mexico's Independence Day. However, Cinco de Mayo is actually Battle of Puebla Day, commemorating the defeat of
Napoleon III in 1862. Mexico's Independence Day is Sept. 16. I wrote the school and asked if they might consider canceling the event. I was concerned that the stereotypes associated with Chicana/os, such asfast-food items, piñatas, sombreros, and serapes would be central to
the event. Unfortunately, I was correct. Continue reading.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

#Mountainair Art Activity—MMAC Recycling Workshop April 26

Re-use JUNK MAIL envelopes, GREETING CARDS, sample papers

your junk mail & other throwaway paper items

to make your own


...and other creative projects

SATURDAY, APRIL 26 10am-12pm

Mountain Arts on Broadway

 addie draper, kathy baur, mary cicola & nancy stone will be on hand to help

$5.00 questions?  call 505-979-1787
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