Monday, June 5, 2006

Save the Sunflowers...

As regards the perennial problem of the highway department mowing the roadsides and clearing them of sunflowers the week before the Sunflower Folk Art Day/ Festival/ Day / Event / Whatever....

Torrance county is in NMDOT District 5. I just wrote both the District 5 Engineer and the Deputy Secretary of Transportation to ask about getting the mowing schedule changed.

If anyone else would like to pitch in his or her 2 cents in favor of having sunflowers along the roads for the August 26 Sunflower event, here's DOT District 5 contact information. Send the DOT postcards, letters, leave polite messages on voice mail asking them please not to mow down the sunflowers, call the toll free number, and so on...

"Save the Sunflowers" petition anyone???

NMDOT District 5 Office
Box 4127, Coronado Station
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Voice 505.827.9500
(Toll Free)1-800-388-6630

If you can't be bothered to make any effort to write, call, or take action to save the sunflowers, then please don't complain later about there not being any sunflowers along the roadsides for our annual Sunflower event...


  1. Vanessa,
    I called the 800 number you provided. The lady I spoke with was very nice, and suggested I call the road maintenance boss in Mountainair, Larry Zamora. His number is 847-2412. He is a state hwy employee, does not work for the town. Sounds like he might have the power to change mowing dates.

  2. Thanks - we should remember to send Larry Zamora a thank you note and make sure he knows how much we appreciate his help. I also got a reply to my letter to the DOT dep dir letting me know he was looking into this and sending me the number of I guess the district road mowing person.

    For all the talk over the years, I wonder if anyone ever actually got around to calling or writing anyone.


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