Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Sunflower Planning Update

gate + sunflowers

Some of the following is official; some is not. I figure you will be able to tell the difference. If not, I will have to start attaching disclaimers by the paragraph.

Mary has asked Bert and me to submit a budget for the June 18th General Meeting. I presume that we are to submit separate budgets before the meeting, to be committed into a single budget. Task redundant but what the hey. I will put in for 4' x 8' pieces of plywood for local artists to go sunflower wild on - photo cutout, signs, whatever. If we can't count on sunflowers to be here for Sunflower, it will be up to us to provide them.

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sunflower cell phone cover

Items you think should be in the budget? Let me know. Let Bert know. Let Mary know. Come to the meeting and vote on the budget. I will be posting an agenda as meeting time draws closer.

Anticipated expenses (list I was sent, comments added)
  • advertising - paid advertising is supposedly covered by Chamber of Commerce through reimbursible grants; actual placement not yet specified; we (read I) take full advantage of all free listing and online calendar areas.
  • posters - not the big, expensive ones; desk top published; costs should be no more than card stock for printing and color printer cartridges; printing costs if not volunteered by someone with a good printer; limited to 8 1/2" x 11" (flyer size really) unless we can access a printer that handles 11" x 17" paper. This is a major waste area without good distribution.
  • flyers - see above, except that these will not be on standard printer paper rather than card stock and few if any in color. No number give for these, which makes estimation more of a guessing game. We often pick up / depend on freebies for these. Whether or not to a goose killing level is anybody's guess.
  • map/brochure - Bert prints and donates the printing on these. Quantity? I did hear more than a few visitor and exhibitor complaints about the map last time. Paper costs - 2 reams standard weight printer paper (sunflower yellow would be my choice over baby crap tan) and 2-3 BW printer cartridges. How many printer cartridges were used in printing brochures last year?
  • materials - too vague to be useful as any purchasing agent worth his or her salt will tell you - paper & printer cartridge expenses should be listed under specific areas; ditto any materials for additional signage. You could call this the postage, push pin, paper clip & pencil category.
Other expenses

  • signage - covered as we can reuse big banners from arts tour and do not need so many. Adding a few sandwich boards &/or sawhorses to the collection might not be a bad idea. Add in say markers & 1/2 doz sheets of poster paper just to cover eventualities. If we don't use them this time, they can go into inventory for future events. Now that we have a place to store such, developing a resusable inventory event by evmakes sense.
  • commissioned retablo - this has to be a significant expense, but I have no idea how much it is
  • Poets & Writers Picnic - $250 expenses and honoraria for guest (invited) readers - gas money really. I have asked Dale for a detailed breakdown.
  • Sunflower Writing Workshop - projected expenses not known; may not run through MMAC anyway even though we get to count the workshop for event hype & bragging rights
Other? Let us know.

A call to artists, artisans, crafters has been sent to the NM Culture ListServ and the event listed in the NM Magazine, NM CultureNet, and NM Tourism online event calendars.

The underarching but controlling subtext is to draw out more folk & traditional arts exhibitors/vendors. So far we have the Retablo Show and a sunflower quilt to raffle - thin on the ground for an yclept Folk Art Day. We need more folk art - or at least that passing for folk art or reasonable simulacra thereof.

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Mexican Sunflower Folk Art - candleholders

So if you know of tinworkers, furniture makers, woodworkers, candlemakers, weaver, quilters, other needleworkers, potters, smiths, jewelry makers, beaders, or others functional, folk, or traditional artists, please pass the word on. I'm happy to answer any questions they might have and/or direct them to appropriate event areas.

Please share your ideas for upping both folk art and sunflower quotients.

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Although I keep hearing strong dissent and can't recall policy having been voted on (except on ad hoc basis by event), the fee system seems pretty much locked down - everyone - vendors, visitors, locals, members, non-members - charged same $25 fee, no exceptions. If you have strong feelings on this, get thee to the general meeting and vote on it. If not, you are an accomplice by default & forfeit whining rights.

Otherwise: 1) share a table with someone and split the fee; 2) or fly under the radar with alternate arrangements. More on samizdat participation anon. Anyone can do their own signage - banners, sandwich boards, etc. - and handouts.


  1. I think you have the budget well in hand. I can't think of any other items. Good job Vanessa!

  2. About the "fees"..I am not whining. I will do my part to contribute to the event, by painting a plywood photo cutout, with my own paints and sealer, as well as providing my time and the support pieces for it. I will not be handing anyone $25...but I will be there.

  3. The problem I see is a lack of participation because of the fee. As the above artist protested, many will not be paying the fee. It would be interesting to try a different fee structure this time, wouldn't it? And, it would be interesting to promote local art and artists rather than concentrate on raising money, wouldn't it?

    The $25 fee could be a deal breaker for some artists who may not even make back their booth fee. Perhaps to advance the involvement of local art and artists the fee should be discounted to $5-$10. Or, perhaps a percentage of 5-10% rather than a flat fee.

    Try something different and we may have more artists joining in. Other suggestions?

  4. I certainly agree with the above suggestions. I will be there under the radar, however, I would have been more than willing to pay a lesser fee. So, while MMAC is wishing for those $25 fees, they actually could have had a lesser amount. Now they get nothing.

  5. Actually, the MMAC could come out ahead by having a lower fee because more artists would sign up. If they also require the donation of an artwork they could sell them at their own booth and auction what's left at the end of the day. Its possible the MMAC could make even more money than the $25 fee/artist.

    So, instead of having the artist pay the higher fees, the artist's artwork would pay the higher fees. It would be a great way for the MMAC to support the local art and artists. It may even convince some artists to join the council.

    Other suggestions? Think creatively for a fair solution.

  6. Another good idea above! A byproduct of donating work for auction is to get the artist's work out. Exposure is always a good thing!

  7. Hey - does anyone besides me think we've got way too many "anonymouses" popping up here? Are there no opinions or convictions worth putting names to? Claiming a name adds to credibility.

    At the very least, come up with entertaining pseudonyms...

  8. The following came by private e-mail, which is probably the best way to run anonymous posts. I'll respect your privacy and can even change text to obscure dead giveaway clues or even misdirect. No name but at least I know who it is from so can vouch for creds. The writer of the following is indeed a local artist and a member of the arts council. Read on:

    Crunching numbers shows all too clearly that 25 bucks is going to drive away most local vendors and any of the fun lowbrow vendors that contribute so much to event FUN and visitors having a good time.

    Example: if I sell cards made from my own work, I would charge $2 - 2.50, maybe run a sunflower special for $1.50. I already have the works I would make prints for cards from, even some for sunflower cards and of local scenes. There are still costs - printing, cardstock, envelopes, gas, time (yes my time is worth something, if only to me). I'll pass on inlcuding a detailed breakdown, but cost per card, the way I like to turn them out and that is most convenient for me, runs about $1/card. This could be less for some and maybe even more for others. At $2/card, I have to sell $25 cards to pay the booth fee and before paying myself so much as a red cent. With a $1.50 "Sunflower special," that would be 50 cards. Don't tell me to price my cards higher, because I won't sell as many. I prefer selling modestly to ego tripping.

    This applies whether selling cards, prints, T-shirts, embellished doodads, pretty things that don't take much time or thought to run up, food, or fun "event service" items such as facepainting, balloon animals, or washable tatts.

    Assuming steady sales in any of the above areas, does it REALLY seem worth anyone's time, effort, and materials to come away with an extra fifteen or twenty bucks?

    If you set up in public space - on the street, in a vacant lot, in front of a store, you won't be on the map, but at least everything you make goes home with you even if it comes to less than selling plasma. At least the odds go up for breaking even, covering materials.

    The more you take home, the more likely you are to participate the next time. Losing money... well, we all know the answer to that one.

  9. RE (posted by unspecified "anonymous"): "...donation of an artwork they could sell them at their own booth and auction what's left at the end of the day."

    Have you requested putting this on the meeting agenda? Sadly, auctions have not been wildly successful.

    A question: how do you propose assuring that an artist's donation ends up put toward area wished for or specified by artist?

  10. Rebel Artist6/14/2006 8:13 PM

    Great to see artistic independence emerging here! Yes, why not set up in public places anywhere in town? Why pay $25 for that dreary Community building? Sounds like a plan!


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