Thursday, January 11, 2007

a deadline, an art show & 2 meetings

SHARE Program, deadline for January orders is Friday (tomorrow!) January 12. The program is a cooperative food purchasing and community network sponsored by Grace Ministries, Mountainair. Call for ordering information and dates, and delivery dates and times. 847-0114, 847-9750

Monday’s Chamber meeting was another no-quorum, postponing the election meeting yet again, this time to a midday lunch meeting the second Tuesday in February at the Firehouse Restaurant. Canvassing meeting ducking members and potential members revealed that most would be likelier to attend midday meetings than evening ones. Respondents further claimed a rarely seen level of enthusiasm for and interest in our Chamber of Commerce. We’ll see – or rather, they’ll see. No quorum & no meeting also mean the agenda not seeing the light of day. The fate of the Chamber web page remains in limbo.
Art NewsMichael Godey and Megan Lemcke have a show in Albuquerque this coming week. I’ve been tracking it with an eye to blogging by asking Megan to get information from Michael so I could blog,. This after all is meaningful art news about local artists. Michael has been less than forthcoming. I don’t know why but am chalking it up to space cadet syndrome until further notice.
So off I went a-googling on the barest of clues: that the show would be in a progressive temple in Albuquerque. I'm pretty sure Megan and Michael will be showing at Nahalat Shalom. Given reliable transportation and sufficiently dried paintings, they will be setting up Monday, January 15, showing either Wednesday the 17th or Saturday the 20th, depending on...well, we don't rightly know.
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The information on the Nahalat Shalom site pretty much lets the cat out of the bag:
Current Show in the Art Gallery: Mikki Roth and other members of the Rio Rancho Art Association will be showing art in the gallery Nov. 15 through the beginning of January. Reception TBA. Meet some of the artists at Chanukah. Michael Godey's show goes down on Nov. 14th. For more info, contact Michael at
Nahalat Shalom is looking for additional artists to show in gallery. Email Michael Godey at
If you are interested in attending and would like more information (hey, who wouldn’t?), e-mail Michael or contact Nahalat Shalom. The temple is located in Albuquerque’s historic North Valley, at 3606 Rio Grande Blvd NW. You can call them at (505) 343-8227 -- or email
Blogzibit anyone?
You've all seen Michael's work - online at Yessy, at the 2006 arts tour, and the tour poster. But Megan hasn't exhibited locally, other than the Sunflower Life Studies she was working on at the Shaffer Pavilion during Sunflower. All the more reason then to bug Michael or call Nahalat Shalom
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Sunflower Life Study II
If you can't make the show, we'll blogzibit, after clearing with Megan of course. Maybe we can even winkle an artist's statement out of her. An online exhibit right here on the blog. It could be the start of a new Mountainair Arts feature: blogzibiting local artists.
Just Cashews, a local organization, is developing a "sustainability" coalition as a city-wide project to make Albuquerque a sustainable city. Sure, it’s not Mountainair, so you might be wondering, “What’s it got to do with us?” Ideas we could use here for one thing. In addition to promoting the principle of fair trade, the organization would like support other aspects such as buying local, solar and wind energy, and "green" issues in general. Here is a brief description of the organization.
Just Cashews has planned a series of weekly meetings to plan the coalition’s direction. The first meeting is Friday, Jan. 12, at PeaceCraft, 3215 Central Ave. NE, at 4:45 P.M. If you are interested in participating but can’t attend, please drop a note to Stacey Pfeiffer.


  1. HI Vanessa,
    checking to see if I can actually enter a comment....

  2. OK so you can. Now make a relevant comment or ask a question about this post. Otherwise, what's the point?

  3. What does the Chamber of Commerce have to do with the arts?

    Telling us there local artists are having a show is not helpful unless you tell us when the show is.

    The "blogzibit" sounds interesting. How would one go about getting one?

  4. update on sustainability coalition: I've written Stacey Pfeiffer,, and asked to be kept updated on meetings and sustainability projects to blog here.


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