Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ideas for 2007

Besides the usual motley collection of local and area art news, images, announcements, opinion, poesie & belles lettres, openings, deadlines, event updates, and such, I've been thinking about what we could do on the blog this year. Come this Saturday will be year 2 of Mountainair Arts, The Blog. I don't have a party in mind but do think it appropriate and then some to introduce at least one of the new features under consideration. So we have until Saturday for you, dear readers, to put in your 2 ¢ worth. Got ideas? Let's have them...

Here's what I've been working on:
  • Blogzibit - online art exhibit in blog format
  • OPPP - Other People's Poetry Project
  • Blog publishing - poems, flash fiction, essays, short scripts, narratives, etc, perhaps including elements of a Reader's Choice competition
  • Virtual Slam (with collaborative elements)
  • Writing Blogshop - like a workshop but blogged - but only if fac / facilitator steps up to the plate
  • Craft Blogshop series - see previous - perhaps incorporationg Q & A
Admittedly the last three are rather on the ambitious side, especially given contributor track records to date. They might not be feasible, at least not this round, but let's at least think about them - and best way to implement. I've found material on Virtual Slams, so somebody somewhere has done it.

Blog publishing seems straightforward and imminently do-able... a good way to get exposure and feedback. I'd waive "no anonymous" posts rule for the writing ones. With comments still moderated, writers posting work would not have to worry about e-slashers coming after them.

Blogzibit and OPP(P) are most straighrtforward and most likely candidates for early implementation, eg being a guest of honor at Saturday's Blog Birthday Bash

Blogzibit, quite simply, is an online art exhibit - resized images with click through to larger versions, some copy, context, artist's statement & bio, etc. Each blogzibit would feature a different local artist, preferably one not already having a web page, online gallery portfolio, or other significant web presence. Each would also have its own link, remain online, and be usable as an online portfolio.

Alternately, a blogzibit could be a group show by theme or medium, posting a few representative images for each "blogzibitor" while expanding the offering via links to personal and gallery pages.

OPPP = Other People's Poetry Project (or thread). A post calls for submissions of readers' favorite poems, which would then be posted as comments to the original CFP post (in this case, "Call for Poems" rather than usual "Call for Papers")

I haven't really given much thought to blog publishing yet, but you, gentle readers, will be the first to know. We'd need to post guidelines, perhaps call for submissions by genre, and provide ample advance warning too - let writers know well ahead of time when we'd be calling for submissions.

I await your feedback....


  1. curious dauber1/17/2007 8:09 PM

    What's the drill for getting accepted as a "blogzibitor"? Can artists apply directly or do they have to be nominated?

  2. CD

    I'd say both - artists can apply or anyone can nominate a local artist. As chief e-curator, I have a couple of prospects in mind myself.

    Someone, artist, nominator, or other, has to provide digital image files. Just off hand, I'd say there should be at least 4-6 images in a single artist blogzibit.

    Blogzibit don't have to be limited to paintings or sketches. Any artwork - pottery, fiber art, wood working or wood art, sculpture, jewelry, photography, etc.

  3. What size do you want for these images again? I have been futzing around with the bundled photo altering software on my laptop and am finding them not nearly as useful as my beloved Photoshop. I can't seem to do much of anything except change the image size in kb. Any suggestions for making them web-viewable?

  4. I was going to use the image you have on myspace unless you have other versions you'd rather I use. I downloaded the smaller images into a separate folder on mountainair arts to put directly into the blog post. Each smaller image would have click link to a larger image.

  5. How would O.P. Poetry work? I like the idea of sharing favorites. How would they get picked?

  6. Morgan

    I would start an O.P. thread - and probably prime the pump by posting some of my own favorite poems.

    Basically, all you have to do is post your "OP poem as a comment to the OP post. I have to approve comments (that protects us from spammers & malicious posts) but approval is pretty much automatic unless something offensive is submitted.

    Odgen Nash doggerel is as welcome as Dante Alighieri

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Yo - came across this kewl virtual slam page -

    Virtual Poetry Slam Contest

    anyone can enter - getcher cam & shoot'n send'em a digital video of you & mebbbe crew too slamming

    MTV poetry - watcha think?


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