Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tech & other notes on logging in and posting

The software running blooger is barely out of beta (testing) version, so occasional glitches & hiccups should not be surprising. If you do have problems logging in or posting comments, I can only guess at what the problem might be. I'm not tech support and can't really help you with it. Sorry, try again. That's always a good rule of them with computers anyway. Re-reading directions, checking Help and FAQ sections are also excellent strategies, probably better than asking me. If you think e-mailing me a rant will make you feel better, go right ahead, but you might get one back (see comment above).

1. You don't have to log in to post comments. Anyone can comment. Don't worry about offensive, inappropriate, or spam in comments because comments, except from contrtibutors, require my approval.

2. You do have to be an adminstrator (that's me) or a guest contributor to blog original posts rather than just commenting on posts. Becoming a contributor is by invitation only. That means I send you an invitation through the blogger system. If you want to accept, then you need to register with google to get a login that blogger will recognize and accept. Just read the directions and follow the steps on the invitation. If you don't become a contributor, you don't need to give this part another thought.

3. My best GUESSES (and that is all they are) as to why you might have a problem:
  • it's just a temporary hickup in the system - try again;
  • Blogger asked about logging in. You didn't really need to but tried anyway (maybe because you are conditioned to take orders from machines? That's another issue...) and got the message about needing a login in & password, which you don't have
  • you're just not used to blogs. Not to worry, you'll get there. In the meantime, go back to the blogger main page, take their tour, read the FAQ, etc;
  • you went to instead of, saw the log in thingie at the top of the page and tried to log in when you didn't need to (see previous);
  • you registered with google but not with the e-mail address you you used to register with blogger;
  • the moon was in the wrong phase (OK so I threw that one in just to see if you were still reading);
  • technology hates you and is out to get you.


4. Guest contributors have not been contributing, although some comment occasionally. The idea was for contributors to contribute. Being a contributor just to comment is not necessary & seems rather besides the point, so I am dropping guest contributors for now. I've notice that many blogs, excepting collaborative projects, don't have them anyway and most blog hosts prefer the editorial control of being the sole poster.

I'm still interested in contributors thogh: if you would like to be an active, regular contributor, please e-mail me nd I will send you an invitation. I'd really like to see contributors (correspondents) from a representative cross section of Mountainair groups, say, from the arts council, Cibola Arts, the Chamber (not art but they foot the bill for most art event advertising & promotion), the Town; or any other interested group. Likewise, contributos from different art disciplines themselves - music, other performance arts, visual art, letters, etc.

If you would like to contribute but don't want to commit to a regular gig, you can send it to me by e-mail to post for you. The same goes for representatives (designated or self-appointed) of groups or disciplines, This is what Dale does and it's been working fine. Judy, Linda, and Kathleed did that back in pre-tour period. I copy/paste your piece and head it note indicating who it's from. You get full credit, expert proofreading/copy-editing, and maybe even added links if I am in the mood - all without having to deal with any tech but familiar e-mail

5. if you subscibe to e-mail updates, then the email messages will have a link and snippet of the post (presumably enough for you to decide whether or not to click over). That should side step the whole login issue

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  1. Thanks Vanessa!! I feel much better!


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