Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Call for Submissions - classes, workshops, ed opps & programs

I've been collecting information about local ed opps and classes - but procrastinating. Apologies to Lyn Phipps and others who have kindly sent information yet to appear. It's not just MY procratination: I've also been waiting for requested ed information to drift in.
I can do this in two parts: put out what I already have and issue a call for more while waiting;

Do you tutor or teach classes and/or workshops? Are you trying to fill a workshop with a visiting artist or artisan? Barrel racing or first aid clinic? Does your church, organization or informal offer classes or group workshops/practice sessions?
Are you enrolled in an online program you would recommend? Are there other education or training programs you would like to see available here in Mountainair? Have you been finding your own way with online self-study resources and tutorials that you would be willing to share?
Let me know and I'll include your information, comments and opinions. If you have a complete description packed with information (including time, date, location & costs) class or workshop, you can write it up as a separate post and email it to me to post under your byline. Jpegs welcome, under 50 Kb strongly preferred.

Jon and Lyne Phipps and daughter Lonnie Burnam moved to Mountainair because they like the area and the town. The Phipps family recently established the Estancia Valley Computer Instructors Association (EVCIA).  Instructors offer classes in computer basics, digital photography, creating e-books, Inspiration K-12, web mail, MS Office, computer maintenance and care, e-mail, Animation Shop and Paint Shop Pro. The association also offers in-home tutoring, small group instruction and technical support.  La Luz Enterprises in Estancia, NM will be onother instruction venue.

Computer classes at UpHi Net: Computers Fundamentals 1 & 2. Sign-up on site. Nanci Lambert sent the following on :
Tentative schedule....Tuesdays 10:30-12:00 Computer Fundamentals 1....1:00-2:30 for Computer Fundamentals 2. First class should start early October and run for 6 weeks.
I asked for more detail, including a brief description of course content - still waiting, so if you need to know more, contact instructors Nanci Lambert or Tanya Peterson directly. UpHi classes are held in a state of the art computer classroom with high spreed connections, large projection screen with teaching and presentation features and more.  

Computer assisted GED - College Preparation programs from the UNM Valencia Adult Education Center, self- study emphasis. GED classes, which will not be quite the same structure as previously, still await scheduling. Instead of an onsite GED instructor, Valencia adult ed is experimenting with computer based instruction for distance supported GED and College Prep (presumably writing, reading and math skills), with on-site tutors on as-needed basis only. Joan Page is trying learn more about both schedule and the new configuration (for a better and more description of how this will work). Sign in at UpHi to show your interest. The more interest shown, the more likely the program is to continue.

ASPIRE After School program - directed by Anne Ravenstone, better funded this year, possibly because of additional funds coming in, plus perhaps funds to use use up before end of grant period. In any case, ASPIRE actively if less than even equitably, recruited instructors and hired more this year than last, as well as assigning most of them more hours. ASPIRE has been a significan part time employer in the Mountainair community.
There are two sessions during the school year, plus a short summer session. Fall and spring sessions start about a month after classes resume after summer and then winter break. They end a few weeks before, respectively, winter break and and the end of the school year. Classes are, obviously, after school and run four days a week, Monday through Thursday, and do not meet on school in-service days.
If you have skills and expertise to offer and are interested in working with the after school program next session, email Anne at The orientation is arts or recreation/academic with an expectedly strong emphasis on preparing children for NCLB testing. Instructors in the program are expected to develop their own courses as part of the application process (description of program and sample courses). You can also drop by the after school program office at the elementary school or call . Out of date but still informative ASPIRE website.  Learn more about 21st Century CCLC (Community Learning Centers, Children's Creative Learning Centers) program. Grantee details. Report on sustaining learning centers.

Distance Learning could be your best bet for starting or completing a degree or certificate program. Not to put too fine a point on it, UNM Valencia's Community Ed program has not had much luck filling off-campus classes in Mountainair, partially an inevitable outcome of overpricing. Scheduling has also been a major problem. Area residents who have taken online college course and completed degrees online could tell you more. In the meantime, you can take this online quiz to see if distance learning might be for you. 
Self-study is yet another option, especially if you need the knowledge and/or skills more than a piece of paper and getting your ticket punched. For example, you do not need to enroll in GED classes to take the test: you can study on your own and then just sign up for and take the test at any GED testing site. Other standardized tests and test based certification operates similarly. Self paced study, however, is not for everyone, least of all chronic procrastinators and the less than extremely motivated.
All options to explore... and on the way feed my incompletely submerged pedgogical impulses...


  1. What about that painting group, what's it called? Doesn't that count as a class or something?

  2. Hi there Marilla - haven't heard from you for a while. Glad you are still here - or back or whatever.

    Art, etc is the Thursday painting group. I did think about including it, but then decided not to (better to save it for its very own separate post anyway). It's not really a class or workshop anyway, even if Shirley Simmons gives gentle guidance and tactflly offers suggestions.

    Come by some Thursday - the "etcetera artists" start around 10 am Thursdays at the Methodist church meeting room and paint through early afternoon, with a potluck lunch break. If you have to leave early, no one throws paint or canvas frames at you. hahaha.

  3. Classes and training are so important. Passion for art and knowing is important but can not replace skills or knowing how to do, what the ancient Greeks called techne.

    Tell me about your avatar. Is it a tree of life? It does not resemble any version I am with familiar.

  4. Judson - we thought you'd moved on for good. I agree and really wish there were classes available locally in basic skills.

    You are correct. My avatar is the Celtic tree of life. You may be more familiar with the Scandinavian or north European version. In those, the roots go deep and the branches reach to the heavens. The roots of Celtic tree of life, on the other hand, do not separate above and below but reach down and join the roots to make a circle.


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