Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Folk Art from the blogosphere: Paper Cut-out Pavilion

Folk-art paper cut-out for 2010 World Expo

Concept design of the Polish Pavilion for 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, posted on The Scientific Indian ("science as a way of life"), via BLDGBLOG.

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Not 'lesser' just smaller paper cut-out folk-art (if you are interested in this medium, starting more modestly would seem advisable):
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  1. I love it! It's so intense! The details! Strangely enough, i was making cutouts just the other night, for Chucky. Snowflakes.

  2. I know - that grabbed me too. It came with the google folk art alert. I try to look at a few of the links but sometimes don't get to it. I save the alerts to get back to. This one sure reminded me to look more closely at more folk art pages.

    I'm putting a weekly folk art post with images on the 2008 blogolutions (blogging resolutions) list.

    Jude does paper - I bet she could go to town with this medium. OK so maybe not a whole building - but I did blog a paper bridge last year. And a good project for the art in the schools program. You reading this Anne, parents?

  3. The paper cuts are wonderful. Depending on how good you are in using the scissors you can make beautiful paper cuts. I like Folk Art as it tells the life back in the good old days.


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