Thursday, May 29, 2008

New blog on the block

Copied from the portal page (highlight to display missing parts, link to blog at bottom of page). FYI - blog take public service announcements about community events and is actively soliciting advertisers. Time for a Central NM Blogroll?
Welcome to News, views, reviews and commentary from New Mexico's REAL Central Valley!
(Ed Note: not so sure how to interpret "real" since it excludes Mountainair, which is actually closest to geographical center of the state. Is our community yet again the proverbial red-haired step-child?), a regional issues blog and commentary site, is being developed to allow for a greater degree of discussion and disclosure regarding issues and events relevant to the real Central Valley of New Mexico (more on that inside the blog). While our newspapers do the best possible job in bringing us the news and commentary in print, the Web allows us much greater freedom in the amount of discussion, background information, and candor than traditional media are able to offer.
This site is in the early stages of its development. We are working to develop the best possible online authoring and commenting environment possible, with an emphasis on accuracy and constructive criticism. will be examining a broad spectrum of issues pertaining to life in the truly central portion of the state, with an eye towards providing information on matters of public policy, local and regional events, economic development, environmental protection, and other concerns relevant to a vital and growing community. We especially look forward to exposing and correcting the unfortunate misconceptions and misperceptions, and occasionally even misleading information, that can serve to cloud public debate. Our focus is to explore issues in a manner that promotes healthy debate and seeks common ground where it can be found, and respect for the right of others to disagree when it can not.
Why not visit the NM-Central blog and let editor/owner know how you feel/ It is, however, head and shoulders above NM Crier which, self-described as "free local papers by the peple and for the people," lists no staff/editorial names and will appropriate your copy without compensation or rights. It too overlooks Mountainair...


  1. John Weckerle from here! Who says we exclude Mountainair? We'll be glad to post news, views, announcements, and input from folks in the Mountainair area - and, for what it's worth, from anywhere else in the region. We do give credit to all who write articles, and would love to have more!

  2. John - thanks for the invite. Unfortunately, exclusion was a logical conclusion to be drawn from the NM-Central blog when I viewed it - no mention of us, Willard or the string of communities (Punta, Manzano, Torreon, Tajique) on NM 55 between Mountainair and Estancia.

    We're already used to being overlooked except when characterized as "outlaw." As a friend wryly put it, at least fires and bears are a media image step up from the outlaw image.

    No heads up either when the blog started inviting us to participate. We're not hard to find. Google "Mountainair blog" and there we are. If you contacted the Town of Mountainair and/or the CoC, well, no one passed it on.

    That was then: this is now. I've linked Central-NM and urge readers to bookmark, read and support it. Please feel free to use Mountainair Arts as a resource and blog anything you come across - credit and linking appreciated, of course.


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