Tuesday, September 16, 2008

community assets

from NM Central... MountainView Telegraph honors "Community Assets" - including one of our own
Red Kingston among seven exceptional individuals recognized by the MountainView Telegraph. Their “Community Assets” program honors East Mountain, Santa Fe County and Estancia Valley residents in our area.
But Red is not our only community asset, maybe a tad higher profile because of the Mountainair Gymkhana Rodeo and his efforts in getting funding to refurbish the rodeo grounds. I am not entirely sure of the nomination process here but know that MountainView Telegraph rep has come to Chamber meeting promoting this and other special inserts. Selling advertising is part of it. Why not? Gotta keep those presses rolling. Not that they "roll" anymore but I don't have a punchy verb at hand for computer assisted publishing. You get the drift.

Others less likely to be affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce or other sources potential advertisers come to mind. I never got enough feedback for the Mountainair Monties (full or otherwise), which ended up falling off even my own radar. Maybe ongoing recognition would work better. No lengthy, exhausting list - one at a time to start. Appearing on ad hoc basis, no set schedule (possibly unwise but it's my blog, my choices & thus my unwisdom). Again, reader nominations, including candidates from among the "affiliated," are welcome - but no Vogons please.

Wana Beth Fox-Schalles: Senior Center Art Classes & a Christmas Stocking Challenge
Wana Beth is teaching fabric painting at the Mountainair Senior Center for her first art class in the renovated Senior Center now that there is space for an arts program. Call the Senior for more information about this and other Senior Center programs. She is also making Christmas stockings for Bethel House in Moriarty and invited her class to join in for a Mountainair Christmas Stocking Challenge to see how many they could make. Bethel House needs 780 stockings and supplies the fabric. As of last week, Wana Beth had made 22 in just a few evenings. No telling how many by now! She is hoping her fabric painting class will join her. You can help too - you don't even have to be a senior to volunteer. Just email her at ArtistWFox@aol.com
There are assets and then there are assets. People are one kind; infrastructure another - and there is funding. I can't be the only one hearing sad songs about the state of local infrastructure. It's not just about paving streets either. According to New Mexico Central, the 13th Annual New Mexico Infrastructure Finance Conference (Albuquerque, October 28th-30th, 2008) should be of particular interest to elected municipal officials and staff members. The United State Department of Agriculture is supposed to have sent conference information to appropriate. Certainly looks like Mountainair fits their categories, doesn't it? The town is should be working on infrastructure upgrades (i.e, sewer, library, town center, police facility, etc). Sounds like attending would be money well spent. Even if we end up having to send a few Vogons.....

Other people assets... yes plenty... and community based organized full of people assets but needing the money kind too. Three (2 people, 1 relevant conference - and not all conferences are) should suffice for the nonce, even for dandiprats. I intended to include Shannon DeRemer and Tanisha Star here but focus suffers when I'm tired. My 1st ASPIRE (another community asset) after school classes were this afternoon and here I am traveling by mare's shanks, huffing and puffing. So make that later. Beside their effort is worth a post all to itself.


  1. I do live on an island out here! 780 seems like a lot of stockings! Can you tell me what Bethel House is? I may be in need of a project in the near future.

  2. Bethel House is the thrift store in Moriarty that's to the right as you get into Moriarty (on Hwy 41?...um...the highway from Estancia and McIntosh.)


  3. Rory McClannahan9/17/2008 5:53 PM

    Good entry. Maybe we'll get you in our section next year.
    By the way, presses still roll.

  4. Dennis - yes, a thrift but so much more too - Bethel Community Storehouse.

    Services Include:
    Food Pantry
    Senior Program
    Program for Disabled
    Housewares, $25 boxes one time only
    Furniture - $25 worth provided on a one time only basis
    Baby - $25 worth one time only for cribs, strollers, etc.
    Emergency Lodging


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