Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An After-Christmas Wish List?

Bob Steiner's New Mexico Central post - An After-Christmas Wish List? - offers excellent advice as applicable to Mountainair as to intended target, Edgewood.
No matter where you live in the Estancia Valley, it is important that your town council come up with a “wish list” (Capital Outlay Request) of projects that voters would like to see undertaken in your area. In the event that your local governing body has not yet put together a list, or if you, as an individual, have any ideas on how to best spend the money (some of it, anyway) that you send to Santa Fe, now is the time to makes your wishes known!
The article also shares advice from visiting legislators:
In view of projected lower tax revenue due to current economic conditions, as well as the fact that the Governor has directed budget cutbacks in all state agencies, The representatives cautioned the town to expedite any projects which are currently being worked on. They believe that any activity where some funds have already been expended and is already in progress, would be less likely to be curtailed. This assumption makes sense, so if you have visions of any of your tax money being returned to your community, you may want to put a bug in the ear of your local council members to insure they are cognizant of what is going on.
On the related topic of infrastructure financing, I'm waiting for a report on the annual NM Infrastructure Finance Conference held at the end of October . In the meantime, you can download copies of presentations from the conference site.


  1. what's mountainair's wish list? how can we see it or get a say about it?

  2. my vote - sewage system

  3. I have to look a more updated ICIP (Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan) but just chatting with the mayor, our biggest wish list item is the sewage system. Ours is a bit over 30 years old, i believe. Vel's already got the ball rolling and had at least one presentation of alternatives with an engineering firm.

    I don't know where all of it stands today. I was at the meeting in presentation in September and that was the last update i got.

    Also, keep a look out for me in the next year or so. I will be going around collecting public opinion about matters such as this (community and economic development) for my Master's Professional Project. I plan starting with informal interviews and conversations and then phase into a full blown questionaire.


  4. Dennis - does sound like agreement about sewage system priority.

    However, "presentation of alternatives with an engineering firm" is still just talking about it. When is *action* likely - and how will it be financed?

    This might be a good place for informal, preliminary surveying - testing the waters - and brainstorming survey questions.

  5. i looked at the page for the conference you mentioned. did anything come of it? i mean did spending money to send someone help us?

    and how much will fixing sewers cost anyway?

  6. Not exactly sure what Vel has in mind for paying for it. I would hope CDBG money.

    The presentation was basically engineers and the EPA coming together, both venting their frustrations at each others findings. It was quite interesting.

    Before the meeting i suggested that we look into one of the newer cutting edge waste recycling plants and one of the EPA engineers responded very condescendingly, "you're drinking your own crap!" Well, we'll all be doing it here shortly! You can't be stuck in the past when there's no more clean water to drink.

    I think they went in there ready for a fight so her guards were already up even before the meeting.

    I had to leave the meeting early so i don't know what was finalized. Kevin Turner was there, he might know.


  7. Still no cost estimates, eh? What if CDBG money is not available?

    Meeting proceedings should be available under the Open Meeting Act.

    But that comment. I can see someone local and unfamiliar with the technology or the environmental issues saying something that - but the EPA guy. Obviously either not up-to-date in his field or perhaps an unqualified political appointment. So much for consulting with "experts."

    In addition to h-water, I subscribe to Aguanomics, water + economics. Both discuss new technologies - and refer to/ list great sources.

  8. cdbg?

    always more talk about getting money than making it

  9. sorry about that - Dennis and I should know better than to fling acronyms without regard to understanding.

    CBDG = Community Block Development Grants. Google CBDG - you'll get CBDG'S dot gov page, wiki entry and no doubt more.

    According to the infrastructure financing conference site (linked in post) and presentations, applications for funding community sewage and water projects seems falls under a state agency, Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Development Division (WWIDD).

    Funding Options for Infrastructure Needs

    1. New Mexico Environment Department - Construction Programs Bureau

    2. USDA - Rural Development

    3. New Mexico Finance Authority

    As for making money - projects like this cost too much to fund locally. There's a making money / local enterprise thread on the post after this one. Jump right in a give us your ideas.


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