Tuesday, November 18, 2008

quick catch up

A lot happening0 to follow up on. I meant to sooner but cold & flu season got in the way. Hard to think clearly on decongestants let alone redact lucidly. The alternative, however, is not a happy one. We are all addicted to breathing...

Craft Fair Recap: no specific numbers but Joan Page (Olde Tyme Shoppe / Mary Kay) reports good vendor turnout and much improved sales over last year, with a number of vendors reporting excellent sales. Food sold well, with at least one vendor selling out early. Coronado Club, Cow Belles, Art etc, Olde Tyme and others reported strong sales. General consensus about date change - very positive. Looks like this is the week-end to stake out for next year's fair.

Anybody else want to post their own good news about the Fair? Please let me know. Also - I am on the look out for pictures, so if you saw anyone snapping away, let me know.

Shelter Project Sidewalk Sale - missed dropping in due to0 running tired early (aforementioned cold + COPD). Caught a gander going to Alpine open house and coming back. Looked busy. Someone set up for a bake sale by the Post Office. Timing and location serendipity. I've put in for pictures and a more detailed report.

The spirit of the Hummingbird Cafe lives on...

Alpine Alley Open House - 1st Year Anniversary. Yes, it's been a year and the bash was a splash. Steve had to do without Linda's help at Alpine motors because she got drafted for the open house. Food, coffee, music and convivial company in comfortable surroundings. More to come but this should cover it for now.

Open House music makers


  1. What about Turkey Bingo?

  2. Sorry about that - an oversight. I meant to include the report Dennis sent me.

    Briefly: A huge success, good turnout and made somewhat over $1,200.

  3. Turkey Bingo went awesome. The Chamber grossed $1309...it netted approximately $1240. That's $100 more than last year.

    Hope to see everyone at the Green Spring Fling!



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