Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ATC Trade Event

Saturday February 14, 2009, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm: ATC Trade Event at Rhonda's Creative Crafting Center, 8214 2nd Street NW, Albuquerque 87114, (505) 899-6723

digital ATC, sunflower quilt pattern

The Albuquerque ATC (Artists Trading Cards) trading meet repeats every month on the second Saturday at this location. More about Rhonda's Creative Crafting Center. More about ATCs:
Ed note: I haven't posted ATC announcements or links recently due to apparent drop in local interest. Despite an enthusiastic start, activity declined sharply following the 2007 Mountainair Art Tour. Yet there may still be ATC artists among us or artists who would take to creating and trading "pocket art." This is for them.


Montage of ATCs created by local artists, assembled by Jude Mowris,
presented by Town of Mountainair to visiting NM mayors


  1. I wonder what happened to that J. Darius Bake guy. He was a pretty cool artist, but apparently a gypsy.

  2. Maybe he'll show up again... like the scarlet pimpernel

  3. Salut d'un autre pays mes chères dames et demoiselles de Mountainair - et surtout le brav Roy. Alors, quelle dommage cela des beaux ATC.

    I remain forever grateful to those of the mountains for presenting me to the art of the ATC.

    A bientôt... I come back

  4. I'm sent this out as a separate e-mail in case you don't read the Evite or whatever reason.

    I'm asking for people to please come to this Saturday's trade event, even if you don't have cards to trade. As you may or may not know Rhonda is moving to Florida and will be closing up shop sometime in May. The shop might stay open if she finds a buyer but that does not guarantee the new owner will allow our group to continue meeting there.

    Therefore I would like for us to discuss the future for our monthly trades in terms of where we'll hold our gatherings. Turn out has been extremely low for the past year, we all have lots going on in our
    lives but if you are still interested in the group please come on Saturday, even if it's only for 10, 15, 30 mins.

    If you wish to no longer participate please let me know and I can remove you from the group so that your inbox isn't filling up with useless rubbish.

    Looking forward to seeing all you cool people!

  5. whatever happened to mtair atcs? i saw them by the mural, sunflower atc at the shaffer and in the alley next to the post office. saw announcement about some workshops in town but couldnt make them. some pictures her but then they just disappeared. did everyone move away? is anyone around here still making them?

  6. Some moved away, others moved on, another cuyo nombre no quiero acordareme went into hiding and may or may still make ATCs. I hope so because she made very attractive ones and I'd miss not seeing more of them. Linda Johnson, I think, still makes them - NM scenic watercolors - and frames them. She had some very nice ones for sale last summer during sunflower. Jude may still make a few to trade but mostly with fellow fiber artists she meets online. She could tell you better than I. At any rate, Jude always has new projects.

    Still, I would not be surprised to them make a comeback, if only because the topic always draws comments whenever it comes up here.

  7. The Wooden Cow is starting an ATC trade in the NE Heights, beginning in March. You're all more than welcome to join this group. You can go to www.thewoodencow.com for more info.


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