Friday, February 20, 2009

Blogkeeping, part 1

Today seems like the day for a housekeeping post, not necessarily housecleaning or spring cleaning, although I suppose related.

General blog policies (not to sound unduly formal): comments and guest posts welcome. I'd like to see more of both. You can comment anonymously but preferably with a nickname or pseudonym so we can tell one anonymous from another. Otherwise it's confusing. Original guest posts: posted as submitted with full credit/by-line, email to Pen name, pseudonym or "name withheld by request" are all OK. I don't have to know who posts comments but do require it for guest posting - confidentiality respected.

And a word or so about the difference between the blogs: this one, Mountainair Arts, is general - not even limited to the arts (unless defined very broadly). Mountainair Announcements is just that: local announcements. Whatever, including advertising, just as long as it's local: meetings, events, activities, sales, specials, reminders, etc. Nothing illegal or obviously spurious. Think of Announcements as the electronic equivalent of a privately maintained public bulletin board.

Poets & Writers Picnic started out as a supplement to pages for the annual poetry event of the same name. It also supplements the Sunflower pages, possibly Mountainair's oldest private, non-commercial website, up since 2001, weathering Sunflower event name and hosting changes, the title of first probably going to Salinas - but definitely my first Mountainair site. Wider ranging than even Arts, PWP, the plog (for short), is still a Mountainair blog too. Although focusing on the letters, especially poetry, category of arts, it actively promotes the Sunflower Festival, logical since PWP the event is and always has been part of Sunflower excepting its few years before there was a Sunflower event.

The blogs are separate but not without kinship. I cross post only rarely but cross link whenever possible and encourage cross over readership. Comments and suggestions invited for all three & always welcome. The more input and cooperation the better. Think synergy & its classic counterpart about the whole being greater than the sum of the parts...

It's the real backbone of planned Discover Mountainair & "the buck stays here " campaigns. H'uh? What are those? Stay tuned for part 2....


  1. "Mountainair Arts" is where I check to find out about the arts/artists in Mountainair. For general information about the town, chamber, schools, etc. I would go to Mountainair Announcements. That just makes common sense to me. Perhaps I'm just too analytical(anal). So, I'm just curious why a general format would be titled Mountainair Arts. Art encompasses such a full spectrum, I would think there would be an abundance of local information and images to share.
    Bottom line you hold the artistic license so that means you can do whatever you want with this blog. :)

  2. Good question and one I have been wrestling with - even to seriously considering a name change. Originally, the name match to purpose and early content. I started this blog as a communication tool for arts tour planning, foolishly it could streamline planning process, reduce time wasted in meetings, but no one on the arts tour used the blog. However, the blog struck a chord with non-members. A purpose emerged, just not the one I had in mind. That purpose expanded to fill other information gaps - nature abhorring vacuums and all that.

    In the end, I decided against a name because I put it off too long - would lose "branding" effect of name recognition / identification and page ranking. If I come up with the right name and way to transition, I might still...

    "Announcements" pares away some of the extraneous but the emphasis is on ANNOUNCE rather than NOT ARTS aspect. I tried out Mountainair-Online as a blog but that was just too many about Mountainair blogs and not enough Mountainair to spread over them. So back to just Arts & Announcements, the contrary flâneuse being on extended leave although ever subject to recall.

    Besides, what's in a name? Is the Art of War truly art? The Art of Memory (ars memoria)? Latin ars, the root of "art" is techne in classical Greek. Bother more to skill than aesthetics.Kraft would be the closest German equivalent, albeit with greater emphasis on skill and cleverness in the first two and strength with skill for the last. Until the 19th century, "culture" referred exclusively to cultivating crops and raising livestock - not cultivating the mind.

    So maybe arts and culture as general is not so far off after all.

  3. Personally I am very comfortable with the name of your blog. Not only does it convey information about the local "ARTS" and other subjects of your choosing, but also it conveys a sense of the "tone-of-gentility" which I have come to feel is a significant motivational factor in the diligence of your posting.
    Regards, David Doler

  4. Thank you David - I'm filing this one under fave +

    "Tone-of-gentility" and "diligence" strike me as deliciously reminiscent of Montaigne (known for popularizing the essay as a literary genre). Considering his elegant writing and effortless skill merging intellectual curiosity and speculation with casual anecdotes and personal storytelling, what better model ...


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