Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Small Step Forward - Transparency

Edwina / George updates us on her quest for legislative transparency:

A small forward step in New Mexico government transparency has begun. The New Mexico Legislature is providing AUDIO ONLY web casts of portions of their activity.

Below are links to this activity;
Alternate options are;
  • www.kunm.org very well noted on the site, just follow direction
  • www.lawmakerslive.com links are on the right hand side of the page and indicate if the governing body is in session or not.
In a letter I have received from Legislative Council Service it is indicated that for now, audio broadcasts are for house and floor proceedings with a promise of senate access yet to come. In addition, I have received a message from Representative Ezzell who indicates that she will be broadcasting her committee meetings.
I have requested link(s) and permission to post links for all broadcasts of New Mexico Legislature activities on my web site and have suggested that links be added to the Legislatures web site. I will let everyone that is interested know the response and/or forward a link to the page of links.

My intention is not to irritate anyone so please, let me know if you have no interest as well as if you would prefer not to receive messages of this nature from me.

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Editor's note: BRAVO! Go George!

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