Saturday, April 18, 2009

weekend distractions

First, let me ask: have you clicked the Animal Rescue site today for the Shelter Challenge? If not, do so now.

Everything but Sunday's gymkhana is no doubt way too late unless you are sitting in front of the computer as this comes through the ether. Bear in mind that both have already been posted @ Announcements. ... and yesterday was the 1st concert in MMAC's Spring Concert Series. Distractions on a weekend we really need them.

Tomorrow is
Gymkhana Rodeo
I also ask your forbearance for the untidier format - a workaround side effect, the need for also explains why yesterday's was so minimalist. Not even a keyboard on the fritz can keep this blogger from her appointed rounds... announcements to post, readers to inform [or irritate, as the case may be].

Coming soon: another concert next Friday, same time, same place... different musicians, New Mexico Marimba... and in May, it's our Spring Fling


  1. Wow..I can't even tell you created the entire post with a Sharpie pen (grin). Hope the keyboard issue is fixed!

  2. No Sharpie - just software, LiteType, an online application.... and, as you can see here, I've worked out my workaround for embedding links - 2 of them, actually. Rather a nuisance, so there won't be as many for a while...


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