Sunday, March 7, 2010

The true history of New Mexico

Tierra Encantado - New Mexico Cowboy

Cowboy up and see this fascinating documentary tracing the roots of our great New Mexico cowboy culture featuring local folks. See why after four centuries it's still going strong.

Screening at Harla May's Restaurant in old Oñate Theater, 710 Dalies Avenue, Belén, NM 87002. Saturday March 13th, 8 pm. For dinner before show call 505-864-2211. ADMISSION to film is FREE. More about Tierra Encantado:

The Spaniards settled New Mexico territory four centuries ago. Don Juan de Oñate led 500 settlers from Spain and Mexico to forge a new road - the Camino Real - to the northern territories. His accomplishment established the foundation for the New Mexico Cowboy and American ranching, as we know it today. This is the subject of Tierra Encantado, a new documentary tracing the evolution of the New Mexico Cowboy from his Spanish roots to the present day.

The film will make its Belén debut at Harla May's Restaurant Saturday, March 13th at 8 pm. This unique restaurant is housed in the old Oñate Theater built in 1932. And yes, it was named after Juan de Oñate y Sálazar who brought those early colonizers here. Harla May's will feature a special menu if you would like to dine before the movie. The film showing is free and DVDs will be for sale. 

When Oñate made his journey, the expedition resembled a moving city stretching two miles - with eighty wagons
and carts, and seven thousand head of horses, cattle, and pack mules. Needless to say, this huge caravan with all its livestock, required accomplished vaqueros. 

Local historian Donald Chavez who has written numerous essays on those early vaqueros, reminds us, "It was the Spaniards who introduced horses, ranching and cowboying to the American West." Today, the style of branding cattle, roping and horsemanship that came from Spain and Mexico is still used on New Mexico ranches.

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From: Donald Chavez,, via New Mexico History Net,
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