Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everybody Eats: How a Community Food System Works

Here's something for Mountainair's local gardeners, community garden supporters, grow your own advocates, slow food fans and farmers market dreamers. Article, graphics (for the visualization inclined) and poster are from Yes! Magazine's Everybody Eats: How a Community Food System Works, companion supplement to Frances Moore Lappé's (author of Diet for a Small Planet) article, "UN Calls for Climate Friendly Diet"

Everybody Eats

Grow your own: Lawns, abandoned lots, balconies, roofs, and even windowsills become gardens. Neighbors build community gardens and share the bounty at neighborhood feasts. Fact: During WWII, Victory Gardens produced 40 percent of the vegetables people ate. When you grow your own, use homegrown seeds, use garden waste to compost and allow household food scraps to be composted by worms.

"Everybody Eats" sounds like a promising title to snag for food/gardening posts, perhaps another blog post series like "Mountainair Wired" and "Poetry Matters" (aka truth in labeling for those who'd either rather skip it or are looking for it). I've been bookmarking and tagging sites researching for SEEDS (community garden program) and the as yet more nebulous than otherwise farmers market project. Neither evince much interest in the effort, but I got interested so kept on. I also send Krisitine Lauritsen "foodie" links for her High Desert Eats collection (and to entertain her) that do interest her. Why not blog some of them for myself and Dear Reader Friends too?

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