Sunday, October 31, 2010

A unique Haunted House at Mountainair Elementary

Best report of the Haunted House is from Dennis Fulfer:

Mountainair Elementary School Haunted House was SO MUCH FUN this evening. I'm hearing great reviews. CHECK OUT SUNDAY NIGHT'S HAUNTED HOUSE! (7pm-9pm, admission $2) ramped up for the older folksFriday's haunted house was MASSIVELY toned down, so it's not the actual haunted house planned for Sunday. It's geared towards the kids...squirmy stuff...scary LOOKING things, but nothing that goes BOO or is so scary that it upsets them too much. 

This is not your average "haunted house."  It follows the form of a legend loosely based on history ...  from pre-Conquest on (I really wished I had enough time to make a conquistador costume!)... Conquistadores, friars, cowboys, kachina warriors, skin walkers. 

Preliminary story, written by Craig Sullenger:
History tells us that starting in the year 1667, a famine that lasted three years struck this area. Along with the Apache raids, and the Spanish government that was spread too thin, many Native Americans perished of starvation.

History fails to ask what caused the famine. No one would speak of it for many generations. Only through deathbed confessions, sworn to secrecy, was this knowledge passed along. Now, the time has come to reveal the cause of the ancient curse that still holds this area in its bony grasp.

An unnamed renegade Conquistador came to this area following the tales of a lost city of gold. Gran Quivira was what it was called in the Spanish tongue. But The city of gold's name was mistakenly placed upon the settlement which was known as Los Humanas. This  Conquistador had boundless ambition and ruthlessness to match. On finding not a city of gold, but a simple Native American village with nothing slake his gold lust, the Conquistador flew into a rage and rode into the wilderness, insane with the fury of defeat and frustration, where two terrible forces met to bring a perfect storm of misery on a once good land.

This  Conquistador in his rage stumbled upon a group of skin walkers who were in the middle of a terrible ritual. The unholy witch-men were caught between this world and the next, while putting on the form of their totem animal. This is when the  Conquistador fell upon them in his rage and killed the three with his sword, trapping them between worlds where their power remained unstoppable. One dying skin walker uttered a terrible curse:

Everything will be upside down

Let good be called evil, and evil be protected

Let achievement be punished and sloth rewarded

Take from those that do

and give to those who do nothing

Let the evil loot the good

and fools rule over the wise

Stop the rains and let the wind blow

fires burn the trees

Let the good people flee and let starvation and misery 

and evil will fill the minds of the people.

(end copy, back to Dennis)

This will be read to people before they enter the door. A guide will take them through the maze. The story also has hero, a white kachina spirit warrior (me) who will rise up and defeat the evil. Shane, dressed up like a Pan type goat character, complete with goat hooves, clickety-clackety walking just ahead of the group, plays the skin walker.  Lots of shadow play, and climaxes with him chasing after them to the exit. Glenn is LOVING this!  I think he found his next career after he retires!

... and let the Friday credits roll...

e've got a whole gang of folks helping.  Shane, Craig, Glenn.  Murt Sullivan plays an awesome Chupacabra.  Bretta Brinkley, Chelsea Brinkley, Leighan Fulfer, Vince Zamora, Murt's wife helped out, and Abby Adams (Craig's girlfriend) all helped. 

It was split into two "crews" and today was our youth crew.  In addition to the above, we had Ricky and Manuel Lopez, Brandon Brinkley...Sunday night, we'll have an addition guy named Chris...not sure what his last name is but Shane, Craig and the other McCall's Haunted Barn crew work with him up there. 
Oh, yeah, and Nethanyel Smith (another cousin) will be in on it Sunday.

Glenn Fulfer plays an old Spanish friar ghost with glowing red eyes.  He sits behind a table, writing something, and points at the kids as they walk by.  Pretty freaky.
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