Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Do You Stay Creative?

11 artists ~ photographers, digital artists, sculptors, illustrators, painters, caricaturists ~ tell how they stay creative. My Modern Metropolis writes about it,

While in 2010 we asked our artists and photographer what general advice they'd give to others, in 2011 we decided to focus on in a more specific question. Inspired by a list we came across in June, at the end of several of our interviews we asked one simple question, "How do you stay creative?"

What we ended up getting were answers that had one common thread running through them: it was about opening yourself up to new experiences. Whether it was traveling, placing yourself in a creative atmosphere or reading books and seeing movies, these 11 artists and photographers believe that the best way to keep those creative juices flowing is by seeing and experiencing new things. As we start off 2012, may their words inspire you, in your own artistic endeavor.

Read and then heed the rest of How Do You Stay Creative?

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