Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reminder: #Mountainair Town Council & #SaltMissionsTrail

Call 847-2321, email TownClerk@MountainairNM.gov or go by in person (probably most reliable) for agenda & more information.


Why is this notice here and not in Announcements? Two reasons. First, I'm celebrating. It's not often we have meeting agenda information for Town Council meetings. Don't expect to be a regular feature. The only reason I have information is because MRCOG's Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway and Cultural Corridor Management Plan is on the agenda and I have a feed reader to bring me information that the less than transparent often "forget" to make more than a perfunctory effort to make public. The second reason is because Announcements is an editorializing free zone, and I have opinions to share.


Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway Management Plan ~ don't blame me for the verbiage and how long it takes the plan to make a point. MRCOG got a grant to spend a lot of money on this verbiage. Our own local Chamber of Commerce, just one among others along the trail, and Manzano Mountain Arts Council contributed information based on limited community input, sharing only among themselves despite Mr C's misplaced impression that CoC and Town would inform and involve the community.

So what about the plan? It's not perfect, too vague and underfunded, one reason why MRCOG is promoting community projects that will be community funded. Other than meetings, signage along the Trail and a Facebook page, it's not yet clear what MrC will be doing. Still, the Trail (aka SMB to save typing) has potential. Mr C. and the CoC's (sounds like a band) favor "scenic byway" emphasis tourism traffic and $$. 

The combination of tourism, local development, colonialism and sustainability issues are not without problems. Another time. 

For now, consider the Cultural Corridor part of the plan. If (as seems all too likely) you feel left out of the plan management loop, just occupy it (Trail, Corridor, plan). Demand transparency too. Learning more about other Trail area communities and cooperating with them on educational and other projects of mutual benefit are pluses. Neither require Mr C's or CoC approval. You can also learn more about Cultural Corridors and Scenic Byways on your own. 

Mountainair Online is starting its own project with a Salt Missions Trail image collection on Pinterest. So can you. Let me know about your project so we can link them. 

I asked and ascertained that there has been no update since the final public draft touted about communities along the trail last fall. Torrance County Commission voted to accept the plan. Short version for today's Town Council meeting:

MRCOG is asking the Mountainair Town Council to act on the following motion:
"Accepts the Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan Update as a basis for requesting funds [from whom?] for the implementation of Scenic Byway projects [such as?] along the Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway, and agrees to appoint a representative [WHO?] to participate in the Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway Organization Committee."

Ed Note: Questions added in brackets, boldface for emphasis. Please add your own questions in comments to forward to Mr C's Salt Trail rep

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