Thursday, November 29, 2012

art & such around & about #Mountainair

…assembling this post, I was struck by the confluence local art events emerging as an informal, unofficial art walk. Besides the gallery opening (large potatoes indeed on our local landscape) and the opening and reception for an annual show (less large but still not small potatoes…time to put that metaphor to bed…or bury it in the garden), there are other art  ~ or reasonable facsimile thereof ~ locations to peruse. Earthsong Gallery, St Vincent de Paul (garden and mural), Alpine Alley, the Shaffer Hotel, and Gordon McMath's critters ~ wild folk art a local specialty...

Rusty Raven Gallery
Rusty Raven Gallery Opening, Broadway next to MyBank:

Celeste Simon: there will be lots of works on rusted paper and sculptures by Kathy Baur. Hours will be Sat. Dec. 1 from noon to 5ish. Coffee, wine and locally made treats served along with the fine art. Hope to see you there.

For inquiries, call 847-2570 or email See more of (and about) my work at Below is an excerpt from my artist's statement:

Magic happens, in life, in the studio and certainly in the creative process. The exploration of myth and magic is adventure in the studio as well as in daily life. My upbringing as the daughter of a farm implement dealer led me to be quite comfortable with the idea of “cultivation”. As I moved around the world with my family I was also exposed to the magic that culture can play in everyday life. In my art I pay homage to the magic that happens when combining trust with process in the studio workplace. 
Paintings, mixed media works and wooden wall sculptures combine to tell the story of this everyday magic. 

Annual Cibola Arts Gallery Holiday Group Show, Broadway, next to the Post Office.

Dianne Doan: our Cibola arts cooperative is having a holiday show with the opening reception on Saturday, December 1st, 2-4 p.m. We'll have hot cider and some "goodies" to eat, new work by Gallery artists, including and introducing our three new members: Ray Darnell (jewelry), Rebecca Anthony (felted sculptures), and Samantha Kaye (colored pencil).

Shown to left: copy of the postcard front. After this mailing, we will be sending e-vites instead of mailing postcards, so please send your email address to

...and more...
Earthsong Gallery, also on Broadway, across from the 1st Baptist Church displays work from a number of local artists as well as pottery and other artwork by owner JoAnn Dale. If you haven't been by recently, the gallery has had a makeover that includes an interesting window treatment, a painted landscape in lieu of curtains against the afternoon sun.  
St Vincent de Paul, Broadway, just past Cibola art: mural in the enchanting walled garden behind the store, a peaceful place to sit and refresh the spirit
Mountain Arts on Broadway, the MMAC art center, may not have anyone there to let you in, but there is a mural in progress, mosaic decor on the building front and garden art in the community garden space next to the building. 
Alpine Alley, North Summit. There is no missing Leroy Simmons huge, glorious forge art ring garnished with a multitude of other forge art delights or the mural on the exterior south wall. There is usually art work inside and a monthly artist showcased
The Shaffer Hotel, Main and South Summit needs no introduction but check the website or just Google images. 
Gordon McMath's welded folk art critters are in his front yard on 3rd Street behind Main and the Shaffer. Just make a block

There's more ~ just for a start, gems of quirky house art tucked away on side streets, murals of course, Rancho Bonito ~ all worthy topics on their own. Some stops on the 2007 walking tour are missing..with a few but not as many new ones, but the link offers further suggestions. We miss Uncle Walter's but find the presence of Meds & More reassuring...


  1. Lots of exciting information! I would love to came back and walk the art of mountainair.

  2. ... what it really comes down to is two openings on the same day ... then noticing / drawing attention along with a reminder about what is already there. Fwiw the arts council listed one on it December calendar but not the other...more like the dog that did not bark in the night. The arts council or even the Chamber could do this kind of 'connect the dots' reminder any time there is a Saturday event.

    It would be huge fun to troll the the events with you theough


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