Friday, November 16, 2012

Reminder + more about #Mountainair Christmas Arts & Craft Fair

…tomorrow at the Dr Saul center. Here's the original post and picture gallery for the 2011 Fair. So, is it time yet for the All-purpose Holiday Image? As you see, the answer is a resounding yes. I added a calavera for that New Mexico touch. 

Lenora Romero adds, 
 iCreate will be accepting donations of $1/packet for organic seeds from the Community Garden. If you have any extra seeds from your garden please bag them and we will try to sell them. So far Linda and I have bagged 50 bags of assorted seeds from this years garden. 
PS the class  to finish making the ukulele started Saturday before last will be 10 am this at the art center on Broadway
From JoAnne Dale, Earthsong Gallery/Ancient Arts (on Broadway too): notice about artists accompanying her Saturday:
  • Pleasant Wright: Pottery, Quilts (fiber art wall hangings, 3D designs)
  • John Sheridan: wood crafts, birdhouses and benches
  • Debbie Noguerol: clay art
  • Stephen Guy: gourdscapes and ornaments
  • Susan Aulde: glass art
  • JoAnne Dale: Earthsong Pottery and Christmas ornaments

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