Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday in #Mountainair

Photo by Linda Mikiska

…Just back from a lively and productive Community Garden meeting. Just the short version here, more later: good turn, plans discussed for next year's garden, school involvement, soil testing and mulch, mulch more. For current and future reference, community garden, iCreate and related posts will be on the iCreate blog and Facebook page but periodically making brief (and linked) appearances here. 

Inserting a quick late reminder for Linda Carrol's painting exhibit opening at Cibola Arts this afternoon, reception 4-7 pm. (no link for Cibola Arts ~ it's the reciprocity rule, e.g. the river of quid pro quo flows in both directions)

I'm so not into meetings but finally meeting Carla Cope in person made it worthwhile. We compared calendar and event notes. I may (just may) resume some (limited and conditional) Mountainair Community Calendar updates ~ written in sand, not stone, and with no changes in policy unless it's to make them even more stringent. 

Lenora at iCreate Sunflower Festival booth
photo by Linda Mikeska
I passed on the "ukeshop" (short for ukulele building workshop), which had a good turn-out, but will, alas and alack, will make iCreate's music outreach and board meeting. Then it's back home, laden with pictures from last Saturday's garden event (harvest celebration, sculpture viewing, potluck), to hit the keyboard writing for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and DigiWriMo (Digital Writing Month

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