Tuesday, December 25, 2012

unusual Christmas trees, re-redux

A seasonal favorite from 2008 returns, reposted 2010, now re-reposted Dec25, 2012. This counts as another Cyber Christmas entry (except that it's just as much shortest day solstice too)a wrap for the year depending on what shows up in today's reader…Now comes Janus week, looking back at and reflecting on 2012 (or just napping a lot), looking ahead to 2013, resolutions, (other people's) predictions (how predictable!), projects, updating policies and other possibilities..

…and now, just for fun

The Upside Down Tree

The upside of this upside-down 7-foot pre-lit Christmas tree is that you’ll have more room for presents underneath! This strange tree was originally designed for specialty stores to display ornaments while using as little floor space as possible. As of 2008, it was sold at Hammacher Schlemmer, $600: Link

The Shelf Tree

Don’t want to bother with shedding pine needles or the hassle of assembling an artificial tree? You can make one out of books and magazines like this Shelf Tree by Frank Visser of IJM [Flash] instead.

This round, I'm adding a tree, partly for Chris Hall and also in memory of my father, who was not only a connoisseur of beer but also found this sort of nonsense huge fun and important too (because life is so serious that you can't take it too seriously

Grolsch Beer Christmas Tree

Grolsch beer bottle tree: Link


  1. The Shelf Tree.. I thought it was just bookshelf at first glace :P

  2. so it's both, imagination rules. now don't misuse my publishing your comment by spamming with advertising or it's back to the spam folder with you


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