Thursday, January 17, 2013

State of the Art Market Survey

…closes Sunday. How's the art world been treating you? Find out how others are faring. Take the survey (from the same source as the article on packing art to ship that I reposted  a while back). I'll post the results when they come come out. Later this evening or maybe tomorrow, I'll catch up on other posts sitting in queue... Sor Maria de Agreda mural planning meeting, getting jerky and philosophical in Mountainair, whatever looks promising from the feed reader or lands in mailbox...

2013 State of the Art Survey
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Survey Closes This Sunday | 

Participate Now to Share Your Experience
2012 was another interesting year in the art market.  While it can be difficult to find hard figures on the state of the market, Xanadu Gallery has seen the slow recovery continue and even accelerate in 2012. As with the broader economy, the future of the art market is unclear (but hopeful) going into 2013.
What have you seen happening over the last year? Have your sales improved over 2011? What are your expectations for 2013?
We invite you to take a moment to respond to our State of the Art Survey and share your experience and perception of the market.  We are compiling a sampling of artists from around the globe to get an idea of how business has been during 2012. The survey includes 12 questions and should only take a few minutes to complete.

or copy and paste the survey link into your browser:
The survey is administered by and is completely anonymous - there will be no way for us, or anyone else, to trace your responses back to you.
Please feel free to share the survey with all of your artist friends - the more participants we have, the more valuable the information. The survey will be open until January 20th, 2013, and results will be published on our blog, If you aren't already on our mailing list, be sure and sign up so that you can be notified of the results of the survey. Go to
Thank you for taking time to participate in the survey and for passing it on to other artists. Best wishes for a great year of art sales for us all in 2013!
Jason Horejs, Owner - Xanadu Gallery

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