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Sun Chatter Jan 27, music & poetry

…at the KosmosDavid Felberg solo…Bach, electronics, player piano! Sunday Chatter is every Sunday and always a good program even if the name lacks the irresistible, funky charm of Church of Beethoven. Music lovers are still well advised to subscribe to the eNews. Don't count on me because I don't post it regularly and only am now because the call for papers for the ASNM Annual Meeting set up to post had an inconsistency in dates to check before it can be posted. The latest mural project's strong (and trans Atlantic) historicity brings out the pedagogical (and admittedly pedantically inclined) beast. For now though, it's music and poetry. 

Program for Sun January 27 @10:30am
At The Kosmos · 1715 5th Street NW in Albuquerque · map
David Felberg virtuoso violin
David Felberg, solo violinJ S Bach
Partita in D Minor 
for Solo Violin
BWV 1004

Conlon Nancarrow
Toccata for Violin and Player Piano
Kaija Saariaho
. . . de la terre for violin and electronics
Joseph Bottone Poet

Joseph Bottone was born in Brooklyn New York, not far from the waterfront on the East River, and educated in the streets and
Joseph Bottone
in the wild woods and streams of the Catskill Mountains. For many years he had taken the haunting of suffering for granted. In the fall of 2008 he left his past and gave himself to poetry, to solitude. His work centers on the poetic language of the visionary. Joseph Bottone's work has been published in the Paris Review, Malpais Review, Abraxas, Little Fox Press, Oriental Blue Streak, Fixed and Free Anthology, Avocet, The World and other publications. He lives in his cabin in Camaldoli Hermitage at Big Sur or somewhere in New Mexico by the river of dreams.
Photos from January 20
4 photos from January 20
David Felberg violin  ::  James Holland cello
Pamela Viktoria Pyle piano
Jeanetta Mish poet
Audience Spotlight
Thelma and Roxroy Reid were at Sunday Chatter for the first time. Thelma had heard about Chatter from her music teacher at CNM and was looking forward to hearing a live performance of 
Thelma and Roxroy Reid
classical music. Although she'd been to the opera, mostly she'd just heard classical music on CDs. Thelma is taking business classes and plans to get a four-year. Roxroy was happy to accompany Thelma and thought Chatter was a great thing to do together on a Sunday morning. He plays piano and guitar, and has played at church for years. Currently he's working on a Ph.D. in health administration while working at UNM as a medical social worker. "Music in general is therapeutic for me; I like to play to chill out and as a gateway to the soul, an opportunity to open up and be inspired," Roxroy said.

This week's performance is sponsored by Don and Pamela Michaelis in celebration of
David Felberg who, with his friend Felix Wurman, created Church of Beethoven 5 years ago. 
Thanks for allowing us all to be part of the adventure!


Sun Feb 3 @ 10:30am
Sunday Chatter

Fifth Anniversary!

Claude Debussy
Louis Andriessen
   Workers Union
Kaija Saariaho 
   ... de la terre
P I Tchaikovsky
   Souvenir de Florence
Richard Peck

Sun Feb 3 @ 3pm
Chamber Soloists
   The Immortals III
Info here

Sun Feb 10 @ 5pm
Chatter Cabaret

Heart Strings
For you and your Valentine

Maurice Ravel
   String Quartet
Antonín Dvořák
Miklósz Rósza
   Sonata for Solo Violin
Info/tix here

Sat Feb 16
Jackie McGehee 
Young Artist Competition
8:45am :: Strings (8)
10:50am :: Piano (4)
1:00 pm :: Winners!
Keller Hall :: Free adm
Sponsored by the



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New Mexico
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Sunday Chatter | The Kosmos | 1715 5th Street NW | Albuquerque | NM | 87102

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