Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Update: ❤ Art, Friday Feb8

Enchanted Raven ❤ Art Preview …last night's post got lost in cyberspace, so here goes again. You've seen the notices somewhere ~ right here, on Announcements, all over Facebook or on Twitter. Here's a preview, images not copy. Celeste Simon writes, 
I don't know if you are doing any more stories about the upcoming events for Valentine's Day but if you are, here are a few pictures from the Enchanted Raven Gallery exhibit, sale and benefit.

*Artists include Addie Draper, Mary Cicola, Wayward Elf Studio, Deb Vetterman, Mary Schultz, Madeline Gutwein, Sheri Lockland, Meg Chobanian, Marianna Hall, Michele Designs, Dee Melaragno
and myself.

The Friday event will open at 1 pm: we celebrate until 7 pm. The show continues through Valentine's Day, February 14. Saturday, Wednesday. and Thursday hours are 10 am to 4 pm.
Come by for some beverage and snack if you get a chance or the urge! Celeste 

(PS new phone for me at Enchanted Raven: 505/847-2466)

  *Ed Note about submitting: if you include links (in this case, for individual exhibitors), I will embed them in the post. Please identify work by artist. I can guess several of the above but cannot post unconfirmed guesses.

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