Thursday, March 14, 2013

notes on community blogging

…what about it? Here's some context: Mountainair Arts is still the Mother Ship in my network. The first post was January 20, 2006, for arts tour communication: to post arts tour announcements, update and promotional materials; for committee members to communicate with each and the community between meetings (and maybe have fewer). Hence the name. I envisioned it as the start of a genuine community arts blog. Sound good, right?

A problem: I added arts tour committee members and arts council officers to the masthead as contributors. None would use it. Several local artists not on the committee did. So, named for an arts council event, it became my personal but somewhat community oriented blog. The last post before this one was 50+ Games Kickoff; the first ever post was "Welcome to the 2006 Tour blog." In between, everything else, and a fair narrative of our community between then and now.

In the beginning, Arts was the catch all... everything went in it from local and regional to global, happenings of interest, poetry announcements, local events, arts, books, oddities. Over time, interest areas separated off into multiple blogs. Not long after Poets & Writers Picnic (January 2008) went its way but before places along the way (2010), there seem to be enough local and community news and announcements to justify a separate blog (879 posts since March 2008). Plus I thought a cyberspace of its own might encourage more local participation, including but not limited to local businesses and yard sales. I may not have learned the arts tour lesson. The short version is that both are community blogs, content overlapping but Arts more personal (opinionated) than Announcements (neutral).

What happened Announcements, and why are announcements now posted on Mountainair Online (the blog)? There are three, excessive but not redundant (naming excepted).

Announcements is offline because Chrome detected material (scripts perhaps?) from a site blocked for malware and posted a warning. There was no malware on blog or computer hard drive when I scanned everything possible and reviewed all blog with Google Webmaster Tools. Everything came up clean, but the warning won't go away. No warning appear on other browsers either, and Chrome forums are full of similar problems. Still, over-cautious online is never a bad choice. I closed Announcements and asked Chrome to remove the notice...again and again. Many times so far... it's beginning to look like...

Mountainair Online will continue as replacement for the time being. Yesterday I gave it a layout make over and will post calls for local materials, advertisements, notices, yard sales, shop local sales and specials and so on...still trying to beat house odds on that lesson. And the other blogs? More about them later, including the ones not mentioned.


  1. 2006? Seems like just yesterday! I remember it well!

  2. Same here, yet there has been a whole new wave ~ maybe more than one ~ moving into the local arts community since. Checking dates for this post, reminded me of past topics and posts worth revisiting. I got out of the habit of posting about fiber and recycled art but have not lost interest in either area. Time to revisit both.


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