Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good Morning #Mountainair

Goat photo generic… & other denizens of the internet, whoever & wherever you are! trolls, stay under your bridges. everyone else: have some news with your morning coffee. do not feed the trolls. it only encourages them. 

leading the pack: offshore tax shelters revealed in leaked docs, CA hiker found, one still lost; jobless claims at four month high; new Carnival cruise ship incident; and a goat walks into a bar in Butte, Montana.

local: kittens (unplanned); reading a new book, Dream of Dragonfly, signed gift from author, former Mountainair resident, founding arts council member, local business owner, poet, writer and book artist, Dale Harris. This calls for a separate post: the forward mentions Mountainair, the Hummingbird Café, the Manzano Mountain Art Council, Garlic and Sunflower Festivals, Poets and Writers Picnic... and me (as "admirable" to boot, a splendid troll antidote). 

the world IRL (yes, there is one out there, vastly more important and interesting than  _______ ~  fill in the blank with relevant provincial example, your choice): missiles in Korea, sentencing in Saudi Arabia, Uganda warlord hunt, Chechnya skyscraper in flames... and world news "must reads" from TIME,  (UK, Japan, Colombia, Russia, Thailand, Africa). 

tubz & tech: 
Do you use Chrome? Has anyone else been having problems with it? Turns out that not only is Google dumping Reader and iGoogle but has been futzing around with its browser software. Whatever the reason, Chrome issues disappeared today. I no longer have to run searches on Firefox. The moral of the story (if there is one): don't keep all your eggs on the same browser. No matter how much you prefer one over another, eventually the one you prefer will let you down. Troll, browser and waste bin issues on the same day are too much.

more science/technology in brief: plate tectonics reveal how the American West was made, lost species revealed, melting Greenland glaciers, lost species revealed by shark-tooth artifact; melting Greenland glaciers, Mars offline; the galaxy next door

books: Frommer returns to travel books, ebooks and libraries, new books and culture editor at Alantic Monthly

education: Internet takes education to new level; higher ed budgets; NOLA vouchers investigation

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