Friday, May 3, 2013

May 4, SEEDS: Multimedia Arts + Poetry

SEEDS: A Collective Voice
SEEDS: A Collective Voice
Brings together Artists, Poets, Dancers, Farmers & more from around the World to Raise Awareness on Seed Preservation and GMO Issues

Multi-media Arts Exhibit Opens at Downtown Contemporary Gallery May 4

SEEDS: A Collective Voice, a multi-media arts exhibit to raise awareness about the importance of organic and ancient seed preservation as well as inform and educate people about GMO issues, will open on May 4, 2013 at the Downtown Contemporary Gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The show runs through June 7.

The opening reception for SEEDS: A Collective Voice will feature 60 local, national and international artists, poets, farmers, dancers, speakers, filmmakers and seed preservationists coming together to collectively express the beauty and sacredness of seeds. Each artists is contributing one piece around the theme of seeds to the show.

Works include all mediums from painting to sculpture, textile to mixed media and beyond. Participating artists are from around the region, nation and the world including Paris, Mexico City, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix and throughout New Mexico. Confirmed poets debuting original pieces on the subject include Hakim Bellamy, Gary
Brower, Christian Leahy, Mary Oishi and Danny Solis. Albuquerque South Valley organic farmer Fidel Gonzalez will do a short presentation on his experience and the importance of organic farming. Laguna/Santa Domingo storyteller and artist Larry Littlebird will share The Seed Basket Story. There will also be a film and video installation running throughout featuring a variety of seed & sustainability related pieces. Other guests and presentations are TBA.

SEEDS is the brainchild of New Mexico-based Mexican-born Magical Realism painter Jade Leyva and is produced in association with Avokado Artists, a 360°non-profit arts organization based in Placitas, NM. Ms. Leyva began harvesting local seeds over a year ago and became interested in seed preservation and, by extension, GMO issues. As her
involvement with seeds grew, it germinated and blossomed into the idea of an exhibit that would use the arts as a vehicle to educate people on the importance of protecting seeds.

"We need to realize that we have to ensure a healthy, sustainable future for people and the planet" says Ms. Leyva. "It all starts with a tiny, precious seed. My hope is that in some small way, our exhibit will help get people thinking about how fragile our relationship is to Mother Earth and all she provides"

For more information on SEEDS: A Collective Voice please contact Tom Frouge at Avokado Artists 505.771.3166 /

SEEDS: A Collective Voice. Opens May 4th, 2013 | 4:00 – 8:00 PM at 
Downtown Contemporary Gallery
105 4th Street SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Avokado Artists Placitas, NM USA 505.771.3166 skype:


  1. I am probably the only one who does not know what GMO stands for. Assuming that i, the reader, know all anacronims really does irritate me. Of course, i might have missed it. Will go back and read this again. I Do love the whole idea of this, regardless of the GMO thing!

    1. Genetically Modified Organism ~ Monstanto, could be the last person in the country, possibly on the planet who doesn't. Notice those labels in the grocery store about whether or not something contains GMO's?

      Magical realism painter sounds interesting too.

      I think 50/50 ~ Mountainair / open a window on the wider world ~ split on posts would be about right. I try to pick a amount of other NM but especially ideas that ought to put some reader to thinking, we could do that here too. Stealth. Continuing ed in stealth mode.

    2. Thanks vanessa! I have never noticed theGMO thing! I need to wake up?!


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